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The originally humans soon learned that the fertility of the soil was dependent upon the favor of the Sun, as well as that of the rains, both of which were bequeath from the heavens. On the other hand were the adverse effects of lightning, wind, and barrage, as well as floods. These phenomena were quite mysterious, as well as wonderful or abominable, as the case might be. Then, as now, people felt themselves at the mercy of this capability; and, since these good and bad energies all seemed to arise in the skies above, it was most logical that they should come to regard the heavens as the seat of the great gods. From this conviction evolved a theory of complete accord between phenomena observed in the heavens and occurrences observed on Earth.

There is no doubt that the ancients held the angelic bodies in great regard, perhaps even in adoration. The Book of Job in the Old Testament assert that "the morning stars sang together" when the foundation of Earth was laid. Later, Job was asked, "Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on Earth?" It is clear, also, that the patriarch believed that the stars influenced the turn of events here on Earth.

The Astrological Mode of Thinking

Many people read their horoscope every day. Bookshops contain astrology books. Do readers think there is something in it? To hope it will reveal the future is against common sense, for man has to form his future himself. Instead, astrology is a scientific mode of thinking, which is just one mode among many.

For many examples, for economists there are a "marketing modes", for sociologists there are "social modes", and for psychologists there are "behavior modes". But scientists cannot accept the "mode of thinking" of astrology because it does not fit their own "modes of thinking" that are characterized by technique and rationalization. Notwithstanding it meet the situation of scientific thinking, that is, it is logical and testable, and open to checking by anybody.

Astrological thinking involves recognized rules

Calculation of the birth chart involves a great deal of astronomy, and its interpretation involves recognized rules. For example Mars symbolizes activity and Saturn symbolizes slowness. Altogether the birth chart encloses more than enough combinations to describe situations in life. For example it shows a picture or image of the person, his mental and physical abilities, and also his profession, marriage, partnerships, children, enterprises, difficulties, relation and family preferences, and so on.

It is now clear what a responsibility of the astrologer has. If the wish for “wanting to get married” associates with "not being able to marry", how should it be handled? This involves ethical, even educational, points of views, which we cannot explore here because we have to consider the assumption that underlay astrology.

The assumption of modern astrology

The hypotheses of astrology can be summarized as follows:

- As above so below. Also, stars don't force, they only favor.

- The birth chart reveals potential. What we can aim for.

- The chart is coded in symbols. They have to be decoded.

- Only the whole chart is meaningful. All viewpoints are connected.

Different schools may differ in their working methods but normally this does not upset the astrological mode of thinking. The birth moment symbolizes the start of the life plan. What is already existed on a small scale gets unwrapped.

Reasons for belief

People believe in astrology for various reasons:

- From experience. What the astrologer says is true and helpful.

- People long for order and meaning free of human judgments.

- Astrology operates on a higher level, like a religion.

- Astrology knows more about the person than the person does.

In short, astrology is personal. It balances strong and weak points and shows a way out. Nowadays few situations make me personally important, such as at church, at the tax office, and at airline counters. On the other hand or next side astrology cannot take any concern or dissolve my contradictions and serious past, or prevent future difficulties.

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