Planets Worship

Planet’s Worship

Astrology is all about worship. Worship of stars and other heavenly bodies or planets for our mental, physical and spiritual improvement to success in life, our Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja and Navagraha shanti path can deliver fruitful result. We have our team of resourceful professionals who have the ability to conduct proper pooja with all rituals.

All 9 planets puja done by our pandit ji-

  • Surya puja
  • Chandra puja
  • Mangal puja
  • Budh puja
  • Guru puja
  • Shukra puja
  • Sani puja
  • Rahu puja
  • Ketu puja….

Activities for planet puja-

  • Lord Navgrah (All Nine Planets) Prayer and Aarti.
  • Homam (Havan)
  • Navgrah Puja
  • Purvang Karma
  • Ashtottara Namavali Path, etc.

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