The real stone with your health benefits. Wearing gemstone for daily would benefit you in two ways: spiritually and physically. Wearing gemstone will surround your body with positive and healing energies that will prevent any misfortune coming in your way. It also helps you in increasing your concentration and connecting you with your inner conscious.

There is some strong effective gemstone-

  • Ruby- This is very useful for the health disease like BP problem, diabetes, piles, heart issues, etc. Ruby removes financial trouble and resulted very well in political sphere.
  • Peral- This is used to remove negative effects of the moon and it is very useful in eye problem or heart diseases.
  • Cat Eye- This kind of gemstone is very useful for destroy the negative influence of ketu and diseases.
  • White Opal- This gemstone bring joy in marital life, and help in fighting with eye diseases.
  • Blue Sapphire- This kind of gemstone brings mental peace and financial reward to the person. It is fastest working gemstone among 9 planetaly gemstone.
  • Yellow Sapphire- This is known to be very safe gemstone. It attracts name, fame and health to the wearers.
  • Diamond- This kind of gemstone is very useful for cures diabetes, diseases of urine, and veneral diseases.

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