Palmistry is the practice of palm reading by the lines and mounts marked out on the person’s palm.  Palmistry Services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, India  is found with numerous cultural variations all over the world. Those who practice for palmistry are generally known as palmists, hand readers or chirologists.

According to palmistry (part of astrology) each line on our hand say something like- our nature, married life, business, career and other important related terms related to our life.

Palmistry says that the lines that runs on your palm, mount of the lines, the shape of a hand, fingers and thumb everything describes unique characteristics about your life.

Generally, there are four main lines used in palmistry- head line, fat line, life line and heart line-

By reading of your palm lines we are able to guide to the correct way towards your career.  In palmistry the fat line is called as the career line which starts from the base of the palm and ascends towards the mount of the Saturn under the middle finger. By the help of your head line we tell you about your mental status your intelligence, your will and strength it can show how you receive any information and react on it. And the heart line which runs horizontally across your palm. The deeper heart line tells the deeper love and affection. We can also suggest for your better health and physical vitality by reading of your life line which also called as earth line.

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