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Date : 12 Feb 2021 | Author : Astro Guru VinodJi

Best Business Remedies from Astroguru Vinod Ji

Business is one of the most important points of a person. However, business, like any other aspects of one’s life, is also not free from problems or issues. Success in life or business depends upon our hard work, but the change of the place of our planets in our horoscope also affects our lives. Since very long time, Astroguru Vinod Ji Delhi NCR is providing solution to natives related to business issues, finance, career, etc. 

As per Indian astrology we believe that success of a business also depends upon Astrological factor like- The second house represents wealth in a native’s life. The seventh house in the horoscope holds special significance for the business. The planets that give a good effect are required to be present in the seventh house. This house indicates the state of business in the life of a person. It is said that in most cases, any planet in the 11th house is more or less beneficial for occupation.

Common remedies for business-

  • Meditation and yoga
  • Astrological yantra
  • General mantra
  • Pooja and Fasting
  • Protecting plants, birds and animals.
  • Yantra for planets.
  • Worship of Lord Shiva
  • Draw Swastika during business establishment.
  • Gmstones as per Anukul Graha
  • Clean your work place daily and make it free from spiders and lizards
  • Offer prayer to Maa Laxmi every Friday and light nine lamps of ghee. 

Our process of astrology for business success-

In India most of the business houses use astrology for business success, because it helps them in making good income. So for making you success we help you with our best of the services-

  • Preparation of Birth Chart- A panel of Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR prepares your birth chart. An accurate birth chart makes all the difference for you and your business. 
  • Analysis of Birth Chart Our team of Astrologers in Delhi, Mumbai conducts an in-depth analysis of your birth chart. Acharya Vinod Ji analyzes your birth chart in comparison to your business chart.
  • Reporting After analyzing your birth chart we make the report for your business. Business report prepare by our Famous Astrologer Acharya Vinod Ji which consist of vital information about your life plan.
  • Remedies according to your Birth Chart- With us you know the ups and downs of the markets in advance and this helps you to work upon them as per our astrological remedies for the growth.
  • Guidance- After analyzing your full Birth and Business Chart Business Astrologer guide you daily by Vedicology. Business Astrologer Vinod Ji timely sends you the required business remedies. Our remedies have made many business houses stand through the test of the time. 

Why we need business remedies-

  • Financial planning for mental well being
  • Mental wellness and employee well being
  • For booming your business
  • If you are getting into problem 
  • To get more success in your life
  • To avoid loss in business
  • To increase financial growth, etc. 


How Astrology give Business a New Height-

 Astrology has always been a strange subject, but its popularity is indisputable. As we know that our success or any problem is occurred due to change of place of our planet in horoscope. Business Astrologer read and analysis this horoscope for guide you on the right path so that you get success in your business life. Best Business Astrologer in Mumbai, Delhi NCR reveals you everything regarding to your horoscope and give the suitable remedies and guidance for the betterment of yours life. 

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