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Get girl or boy’s horoscope chart analyzed in detail and receive answers for suitable marriage prospects – when will they get married, how will their marital be, compatibility with their spouse etc.

Health Services

Get Precise Remedies and solution for your chronic health issus. The remedies will include upaye, right yogas and nakshatras, which gem to be worn, best color & number to be used, mantras to be enchanted.


Get consultation for the problems in Business, know what precautions & remedies to be performed while starting new business, find the reason for not getting enough customers, & stagnation in business.


Get career consultation to plan your career favored by your Grahas and Nakshatras, know about the challenger you will face in making your career, get aware about various high and low phases in your career.


Astrologer Profile

When it comes to Astrology, accuracy in predictions is extremely important. Since this is a science that is accepted both in India and across the world, very few individuals make a breakthrough on the same. One such individual is Acharya Vinod Kumar. He is a native of Allahabad which is known as the hub of learned men in the field of Astrology. Acharya Vinod Kumar was born on the 14th of August. His family is well known for their knowledge and he was inspired by his grandmother to a large extent.

He was placed under the tutelage of the Great Maharishi Shri Shri Mahesh Yogi Ji. Here he learned all the nuances of Gemology, Panchang, Vastu, Numerology and Astrology. He was also educated in the art of reading horoscopes and understanding the timeline of different events in a person’s life as charted by the stars during his or her birth… Read More

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Believes that the Universe is Conscious and Full of Desires

Vastu Online Consultation
Residential Vastu
Commercial Vastu
Industrial Vastu
Spiritual Vastu

Guru Ji Shows can be seen on :

He has given his expertise in a number of different shows which was coming at Sanskar, Divya TV,Sony Pal, Sab TV, UTV Bindaas, Zee Jagran, Darshan24, Shakti TV, Sadhna, Shraddha TV and many more.


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What People Say

I'd like to thank you for providing me hope when I couldn't see any. In both personal and professional endeavors, you gave me insight that I could never know, despite my best efforts to do so. Across the ocean, having never met face to face, I consider you a great friend. I deeply appreciate the care and concern you offered me during very troubling times- responding to every email and question I had regarding the reports.
Ananya Kiroula
I have been an actor for 7 years and Mr Vinod, has been very correct in her predictions for which parts I would get hired for in the movies and which ones would not work out. I always like to think that he may be wrong sometimes, but darn it, he has been right, time after time. The details she gives me about which auditions I will be getting called for always floor me. He's the real deal folks.
Suraj Bhagwat
I will recommend to everyone as he listens to your problems and gives solution. He is responsible calm and composed astrologer. His predictions were entirely accurate, and his remedies were also effective for me. Thank you.
Prabhat Bakshi
I am extremely pleased with your services and found your reading to be very accurate and detailed. This was the best Vedic astrology reading I have ever had. It was a joy to read especially since your explanations Of my career in airhostes are very in depth, elaborate and helpful.
Amita Biswas

Consult The Best Astrologer In Delhi For A Problem-Free Life


We individuals dream of a great and fulfilling life with the ability to crack any problems crossing one’s life. Health and wealth are the most demanded factors among everyone these days. Additionally, people strive to maintain healthy relationships with their family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes, things can go in a different direction. It could be due to various reasons concerning astrology. Even in this modern world, many believe in the science and planet movements of astrology and wish to consult the best astrologer in Delhi. Knowing the top reasons for preferring the top astrologer in Delhi can pave way for a fruitful living.


Gain knowledge about yourself


Understanding oneself to the core is the primary factor. It helps to make decisions and travel in the right direction. Apart from one’s personality, behaviour and character, based on planets should be analyzed appropriately. For this reason, the best Jyotish in Delhi can help to the maximum. They have professional knowledge in analyzing a person and providing meaningful insights.


By looking at the horoscope with the zodiac sign, getting to know oneself becomes possible. It is the best way to dig deeper and know the person’s way of expressing emotions and tackling problems. Also, depending on the rising signs, one will express the personality that could be seen through the person’s horoscope. All these come with the analysis performed by a professionally experienced top astrologer in Delhi.


Self-realization is crucial for the best life ahead. Each individual should gain a better perspective of the same. Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, and making the right choice in terms of career, relationship, and other essential aspects are feasible. With the session and guidance of the best astrologer in Delhi, obtaining all these perks is not far away. Research and pick the right astrologer and consult for great well-being and reap the most.

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