Residential Vastu Shastra

‘Vastu’ has been derived from the root word ‘Vas’ which literally translates to ‘dwelling, living or staying’. And the science deal with Vastu is referred to as ‘Vastu Shastra’. In the recent years, it has increasingly become a trend to incorporate the tenets of Vastu Shastra when building residential houses, flats, kothis/bungalows and farm/country houses. It is widely believed that incorporating the underlying principles of Vastu when building residential houses, flats, kothis/bungalows and farm/country houses ensures progress, prosperity or happiness for the dwellers.

Vastu Shastra works on the principles of get advantages from the benefits that are bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness for the dwellers.

Be it a flat or Bungalow, Vaastu Shastra is known to reward the follower the benefits and protection from negative influences in life, whether it is economical, emotional or spiritual. Like all other prevalent sciences, Vaastu is also considered rational (based on cause and effect), practical normative (codified and governed beg principle), utilitarian and universal.

However, it is important to seek the right guidance when building a residential property following the tenets of Vastu for any wrong move may bring in reverse effects. Hence, Guru Vinod Ji brings you pocket-friendly Vastu service so that you get the correct Vastu layout planning of buildings and gain eternal peace and prosperity in your life.

Vastu Services Price USD Price INR
Vastu for Land 300 19,251
Vastu for Flat 300 19,251
Vastu for Kothi/Bungalow 800 51,251
Vastu for Farm/Country House 1275 81,751